Nurses  are  trained to be caring and tolerant while dealing with patients, knowing fully well that their actions and attitudes go a long  way to heal or worsen patients’ condition.

As important  as this nurse to patient relationship is, it has been observed that most Nigerian nurses are not friendly  while  attending to their patients. Most times they are insultive, rude and believe  that once you are a patient , you deserve no honour and regard.

This is prevalent in both private and public hospitals. Even though  the nurses are gisting and laughing their countenance change immediately they sight any patient whom they see as a burden who has come to disturb their flow.

Patients start having problems with  them from ordinary filling their names on the patient’s card  shouting at the patient who manage to get to the hospital in pain for not speaking louder  while giving the name . It becomes a different ball-game if a dying  patient mistakenly  threw up without using the toilet. Forgetting that as a   patient, one is helpless and need the love and support of a caring nurse to scale  through.

 In their defence, some nurses blame patients  for asking silly questions behave in away that  can aggravate their  conditions. In the reactions of  some patients, they stressed the need for nurses to be mannered while dealing with patients because anybody in  pain is not normal and needed every assistance in such a condition to get back on his or her feet which the nurses had been  taught while undertaking  the training.

In her opinion,  Mrs Wumi Akingbade, a nurse in one of the government hospitals explained that patients’ behaviours atimes are  responsible  for the nurses actions, she said  most patients believed that  because they are  sick it gives them license to misbehave.

“What can you say of a patient who is before a  nurse to give details of his or her health condition in order to guide the nurse on what to do, receiving phone call while the nurse dare not  do that. Will this not infuriate the nurse who still have other patients to attend to? I am telling you what had happened to me.

“The patient in question wasted my   time such that the medical doctor who witnessed the scene  asked me to  walk him out. Whereas  my own phone rang in his presence but, I dare not pick such call except it is official. “There was another case of a patient who told a medical doctor not to call his name until he comes from where he went to eat”.

Akingbade,  who maintained that not all nurses are unfriendly appealed to patients to always behave well and give  their total support to nurses while trying to save  their lives.

Sharing a similar experience, Mrs Toyin Obateru, a private hospital nurse blamed emotional and marital reasons for  the unfriendly nature of most nurses. She submitted that nurses are like every other human beings facing environmental, financial, emotional and marital challenges who can not be expected to succeed in their chosen profession without the cooperation  of patients.

Her words: “A nurse who receives peanut as her salary could be liken to a loaded gun ready to fire at any slightest provocation. Most patients often ask silly  questions  or behave in a way that could  provoke a nurse.

“For instance, a patient on admission receiving  drip will want the drip that will last three or four hours to last for 30 minutes.

Once the nurse who fixed the drip is not   there, they will adjust it and the  drip will start rushing against doctor’s advice which  can claim the lives of some patients except for the intervention of God.

“How will a nurse who left home sad  not be angry with such patient? There are situations in which some patients will not give accurate  information about themselves especially as regards their ages, forgetting that doctors prescribe drug  dosages based on ages. Some patients after taken  their drugs for a while and feel better believe that the drugs should not be continued only to rush back to the hospital later complaining of the same symptoms, giving doctors and nurses stress. How will nurses not  be angry at that situation?

However, a patient, Mrs Idowu Olubori, blamed most Nigerian nurses for lacking morals  in the delivery of their services.

“Most nurses see patients as nobody. It is one thing  to be sick, it is another thing to be immediately and well attended to. Ask some nurses simple questions on drugs prescription and this will give them headache. Some of them will not  even be moved on sighting  a patient writhing in pain. They will shout  on  the top of their voices using vulgar languages on patients”.

 Olubori, while appealing to nurses to always be calm with patients also urged the federal and state governments  to  train medical workers on the essential services hey render.

“Nurses can only be motivated better if  they are trained no matter how  civil or well mannered a patient may be, such  could  hardly please a  nurse who is emotionally imbalance.

“Patients too need to be mindful of their conducts because they are the ones at the receiving  end. An already provoked nurse or doctor can mistakenly administer drugs wrongly which may worsen patient’s conditions. They should always have at the  back of their minds that nurses who are not friendly are the products of the situations  across the nation so they are not to be blamed”.

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