With the rising incidences of kidney diseases among Nigerians, expert has warned against unnecessary use of pain killers, consumption of fatty foods and high intake of salt. A Senior Consultant Nephrologist at the Transplant Institutes, Apollo Hospitals, India, Prof. Devendra Pumar Agarwal who was a guest lecturer at a 2-Day Continuing Medical Education, (CME) organised for Nigerian doctors in Lagos by Apollo Hospitals, stressed the need for people to focus more on prevention of kidney disease than treatment and management of the disorder.
He said many patients die as a result of late presentation and lack of finance to facilitate prompt medical intervention. Agarwal, an experienced Nephrologist, said controlling dietary lifestyles would go a long way in cutting down the number of Nigerians that comes down with the disease. Emphasising the dangers in the abuse of pain killers, he explained that pain killers should be used only when they are required. “Pain killers should only be used when they are required.
For example when there is a case of surgery, fractures where they are recommended to kill the pains. There is also the need for people to test themselves when they are diagnosed of diabetes, hypertension, and obesity and once there is protein in the urine it is an indication that must not be swept under the carpet.” Normal pains “For normal pains like headache, leg pain among others, paracetamol should be enough to take care of the problems. There is no need taking stronger pain killers. If the pain is severe you can use tramadol. To prevent the problem, Agarwal who has been involved in 3,000 kidney transplants, recommended the need for people to change their lifestyles. “Today, all over the world, life is generally very stressful due to certain situation. Some say it is as a result of family disintegration, many families no longer live together and this has brought about stress. Smoking is directly link to lung cancer and other problems but now it is directly linked to kidney problems also.