hodLibrarian-in-charge Welcome

On behalf of the entire Bowen University Library, the Bowen University Teaching Hospital Medical Library is pleased to serve you remotely using various media or platforms. This has informed this decision to create this platform through which it is hoped that you will connect, collaborate and communicate with the library with the intention of easing your tension and stress in the course of your study/learning, teaching and/or research.

This platform has been created to serve you the best in-terms of quality library and information service provision so as to make you 21st compliant in your endeavour either as a student, researcher or lecturer. Various sections has been created for you to explore and you are equally expected to make your comments, enquiries, service needs, reservation, suggestion etc to the library through this platform.

The library staff are committed and determined to support you in the course of your studies, learning and research to be the best possible you can be. We have determined to let you have a true feel of what quality library and information services are in the modern age. It is expected that you will encourage us to give you the best as you visit physically and make your online usage of the library resources and services through this platform. Other platforms where you can connect with us remotely are:

Medical library phone no 2349036520219 or

contact the librarian directly on 2348052715794


Very soon we hope to create a whatsapp number that you can use to reach on time.

Specially we welcome our new nursing students of BUTH to the campus, wishing you a successful study and training time in the library. For a good success in your study the library is place for you and we are set for you both in terms of resources and services.

Olajide A.A.

Medical Library, Ogbomoso.


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